It was still all around. Nothing could be heard. Everything around was dead silent. The ambiance was at peace.Every detailed sound could be heard. Every thing around was a sign of quintessential eternity. It is not surmising to say that the whole world seemed relic yet different from oddities to her. She had a different rythm to view life. New vision yet painful . She now was stuck up with the outraged enigmas of life that stifled her, the more she walked into it. It was a primordial pain. She could see the avenue to get past it. She knew every path other than this on which she was walking on . She could even clairvoyance the fate that she was heading to . She was aware that moving more closer to him will thwart her with pain and is worth a zilch. But every step that she was taking ostracised her heart from her mind. She could see nothing but the world with him. Outside her was all still yet absorbing, but inside her there was ascension of thunders.She wanted every bit of her’s to be known by him. Every part of her to be owned by him.She wanted every breath that she took, to add one more second in his life. But this wasnt the only pain that her life was a part of. More than above everything,she always wanted to know why even after knowing everything he kept hurting her? Why even after showing the depth of her love , all she got was just words that drived staked through her heart? Why she could not ever gather all of the world’s strength to confess what she really felt for him? Why she could not ever confront with the words that screamed aloud how much he meant to her? She could not find the answers to her questions. All she still care about was nothing but him,no matter what questions she was been through.

       She was walking alone .All she could see was dark hazy clouds that seemed as if came to answer her questions.With every step she took ,she had just one question in mind”Why i didnt say it all through these years? What stopped me?” . Her pace was slowing down . It seemed as if she herself didnt want to listen the answers. She kept walking at a slower pace . Every question that she delved ,smothered her with the reasons . Her heart ripped off . Her pace got much slower than before. There was a loud thunder with the fall of rain . The clouds that day roared louder than usual,but still, the noise was less than her heart, that was pounding off with grief. Her inners were sinking with every drop of rain that wet passed her. It was becoming difficult for her to breath in the surrounding , that was diaphanous a while ago , but now bleak . With every drop of rain , she felt the warmth of tears that were rolling down . Her feeling was still hidden behind the clouds . It was becoming difficult for her to continue pretending that she didnt love him ,when she really did . She realised its way too easy to pretend that you love someone ,when, in real you dont care ,but not , when otherwise . 

       The weather was taking its worst phase . It started raining heavily . It seemed as if the whole world was crying with her. She didnt care for what was happening outside . She was all drowned within herself . She could hear every beat of her heart pounding with answers clearly . She was still keeping many more things ambushed from herself . She knew, the answers were hidden in the past, but her grief refused her to hark back . She suddenly stopped taking steps . She stopped walking . She didnt realise her fight with herself made her cross miles and stood her at the brink of the end . She was standing at the brink of the valley . The water was gushing down the hard rocked slope . The sound of the water hitting the rock vagued the depth of the waterfall . She stood there still . She knew it could be the end of everything . She knew she could end up herself ,and end everything ,that held nothing in his life. She knew she could end her pain all for one . She knew , she can stop herself from thinking all of this . She was lost between the sound of water hitting , the thunder and her inner self . She wanted her ambushed feelings to come out . Her grief was gathered to a peak making her lungs shout aloud .  She shouted as if no person existed other than her . Tears were rolling down her cheeks . She remembered him . Every other thing related to him came all along . She was shouting his name , as if ,  that was all she knew . She didnt wipe her tears off . She wanted every other emotion inside her ,to come out . She bent down on her knees with her head sinking . She thought , ever good that has happened to her until now was just because of him . She remembered every little happiness that both of them shared . Every little moment that he was a part of ,  came into her mind . Every little reason that made him happy , every little fights they indulged in , every other moment they cherished with each ,  other came into her mind . She could not stop herself from thinking, every other moment ,that they spent with each other . Each moment brought a smile on her face. Each fight she remembered brought with it , the sense of oneness between them . She smiled at her grief ,opened her eyes , stood up , took a deep breath and started walking back . She was returning with something that came , with strength . She now had something in her which would stop her from getting compelled . She was returning with a smile . She was returning with THE HOPE !!  


2 thoughts on “THE HOPE

  1. Reminds me of some beautiful words quoted by Mr. George Bernard Shaw, that “One who has never hoped, can never despair in life”.
    I like it.. Gentle, decent.. And a nice work..

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