Sometimes we fail to see,

the reality of life,the depth of sea.

Sometimes we try to forget,

the past which hides,the future we have not met.

Sometimes we feel hurt and pricked,

from hard stone’s heart or a high wall bricked.

Sometimes we curse and cry,

for the things we did,for the things we never tried.

Sometimes we commit some mistakes,

without knowing the future beyond,without knowing the fate.

Sometimes we hide our tears and pain,

being in the dark room,being in the rain.

Sometimes we walk on the wrong known road,

to carry ourselves,to carry our headed load.

Sometimes we search for the darker side of life,

being in the shadow,in the dark sea after dive.

Sometimes we want to feel free and fly high,

to reach the rainbow,to touch the heaven’s sky.

Sometimes we hide our feelings,

pretending more good,ignoring inner killing.

Sometimes we starting hunting for death,

and that’s where every sometimes end!!!


2 thoughts on “SOMETIMES…!!!

  1. great workpiece..
    A real fabulous theme in your desire, that what if sometimes.. This may happen.. And when your wishes eventually end..
    Impressive.. Keep it up..

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